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Guitar amps

Condorwood TB-15W bass guitar amp.power: 15Wcontrols: treble, middle, bassinstrument input: 6.35 mm (jack)headphones input4ohmsspeaker size: 6.5”..
Condorwood TB-40W bass guitar amp.power: 40Wcontrols: treble, middle, bass frequencyinstrument input: 6.35 mm (jack)headphones inputCD/MP3 inputs4ohmsspeaker size: 10”..
Condorwood TG-25W electric guitar amp.power: 25Wcontrols: treble, basseffects: distortioninstrument input: 2x6.35 mmheadphones input4 ohmsspeaker size: 10”..
Condorwood YX-15W electric guitar amp.power: 15Wcontrols: treble, middle, basseffects: distortioninstrument input: 2x6.35 mm (high/low)headphones input4 ohmsspeaker size: 6.5”..
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